Set Up Online Services

We now offer the Patient Access and Evergreen Life online systems which many practices nationally are now adopting. These are more integrated and robust systems which allow you to book GP appointments directly online, as well as order your repeat medication direct from your own medical record.

GP online services allow you to access a range of services via your computer, mobile or tablet. Once you have signed up, you will be able to:

  • book or cancel appointments online
  • renew or order repeat prescriptions online
  • view parts of your GP record, including information about medication, allergies, vaccinations, previous illnesses and test results

How to Sign Up

For more information, please contact reception or next time you visit the surgery, bring with you a piece of photo ID (passport, driving licence) and a recent utility bill or bank statement. If you don’t have these, please talk to us and we will help you sign-up

You can use either Evergreen Life or Patient Access. If you have signed up to either service  click the relevant link below to access them.

Proxy Access

A unique new feature has been released for Patient Access. You can now request to act as a proxy for children, relatives and dependants that you care for using Patient Access. This enables a parent, family member or carer to act on behalf of the patient with their access tailored accordingly. The proxy feature has gone through rigorous analysis to ensure there are no data privacy risks.

Appointment booking, repeat medication requests, messaging and, where applicable, access to medical records, can easily be accessed by the proxy once a relative or person has been linked.

You can still contact the practice by phone or in person, this is just another option, which other patients have found is more convenient and saves them time. More information including “how to” leaflets and videos of patients and why they are using GP online services are available at