pgp appts
23rd May

Patient Appointments Provided W/C :- 16/05/2022

Total Patient Appointments Provided = 1400

Appointment Breakdown 

GP Face To Face Appointments = 320

Nurse / HCA Face To Face Appointments = 336

Telephone Appointments = 424

Urgent Care Appointments = 320

blood bottle
18th May

Hospital Blood Tests

Hospital sites are currently playing ‘catch up’ and running additional clinics, which has generated an increase in blood testing. 

Primary Care are also in a similar position, making it impossible to cope with the increase in demand. 

Hospitals are responsible for providing appointments for blood tests they have requested, but for the convenience of our patients we have always tried to accommodate any such requests at the surgery.  

Unfortunately, due to the increase in volume of hospital blood test requests we can no longer provide this additional service. 

As a result, we have to prioritise all blood test requests generated within the surgery. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

PGP Face Mask1
17th Mar

"Face Covering"

When attending the Surgery, please wear a "Face Covering" as COVID-19 Protections are still in place in this Surgery.