PGP App's
29th Jul

Patient Appointments Provided W/C : - 19/07/2021

Total Patient Appointments Provided = 1584

Appointment Breakdown

GP Face To Face Appointments = 312

Nurse / HCA Face To Face Appointments = 406

Telephone Appointments = 495

Urgent Care Appointments = 371

Staff Training
29th Jul

Staff Training Afternoon on Thursday 12th August 2021.

Staff Training

Thurgoland Surgery will “Close” from 12:30pm and Penistone Surgery will “Close”  from 1:00pm for Staff Training on Thursday 12th August 2021.

Both Surgeries Will “Close” Early on That Date.

face masks
29th Jul

Please continue to wear face coverings when visiting the surgery

Thank you for wearing face mask when coming to see us. To continue to keep everyone safe beyond the 19th July, especially those who are still at high risk of becoming unwell with COVID, we ask everyone who visits the surgery to continue to wear a face covering. Our staff will continue to wear a face covering beyond the 19th July when seeing you, together lets keep things as safe as we can.

16th Jul

Please be patient

The NHS track and Trace App has recently been causing some issue with staffing levels at the surgery. As a result it may take a little longer for us to answer your call, please be patient.